Are you the Pokiest Pedaler in Stevens Point? Prove it on Sunday during the Bicycle Adventure Extravaganza

The 3rd annual Bicycle Adventure Extravaganza organized by John Pawlak of Point Area Bicycle Service is taking place this Sunday. PPSP is collaborating with PABS on the BAE by organizing one small piece of this event: the Pokiest Pedaler in Stevens Point challenge and tournament.

Sunday will provide a massive amount of Bike Fun. I will first give an overview of what the BAE is all about before giving a few details about the Pokiest Pedaler in Stevens Point challenge and tournament.

Bicycle Adventure Extravaganza
The best brief description about what the BAE is all about is probably this snippet from the event website: “Included in this year’s adventure is an awesome photo/found items scavenger hunt, a bunch of excellent challenge checkpoints, a poker run, a costume contest, 8 super-secret hidden clue checkpoints, and an amazing after-party & potluck with musical guests Armchair Boogie!”

big bird selfie

One team taking a selfie of a ‘found’ item during the 2014 Bicycle Adventure Extravaganza

The BAE is on Sunday August 28 starting at 1 PM at PABS (1311 Strongs Ave between Main and Church in downtown Stevens Point). If you have not registered in advance online, either as an individual or as a team, you should show up before 12:30 PM to register. The entire BAE, including the after-party, is free.

I have talked with Pawlak several times about the BAE. Here is some general information I have learned from these conversations and from the event website, although specifics may change before Sunday.

The BAE is not a race but rather a point-based competition. Prizes will be awarded to top point scorers as well as to winners of other competitions, such as the best poker hand (using cards collected during the event), the best costume, and the Pokiest Pedaler in Stevens Point tournament. There will also be a drawing among all participants to award numerous other prizes.

Here is a list of items, taken from the event website, that Adventurers should bring with them to the BAE: a bicycle, a digital camera (cell phone camera OK), a pen or pencil, and something to carry special items in. PABS also suggests bringing sunblock, water, and a few snacks.

saddle 5

One past challenge involved tossing a bicycle saddle through suspended bicycle rims

At 1 PM, participants will receive a handout with clues and information. A map will show recommended streets and paths to take, the location of challenge checkpoints, and the finish destination. Items to find and take pictures of will be listed. Clues will suggest places Adventurers should visit to gain additional points.

Adventurers will have until around 4 PM to ride around Stevens Point accumulating points through the handout information. Adventurers should be able to locate all handout items and destinations within a mile or two of the start location.

At the challenge checkpoints, each team will have the opportunity to successfully complete a challenge that can award them more points. In the past, the BAE has included challenges such as tossing a bicycle saddle through a suspended bicycle rim and a bicycle-themed variation of horseshoes involving U-locks and front forks.

costume mix 1

The Bicycle Adventure Extravaganza will fill the streets of Stevens Point with costumed Adventurers on bicycles

Adventurers must arrive at the finish destination by the time deadline (somewhere around 4 PM, maybe a bit later) to hand their score sheet in. The finish destination is the location of the after-party. The after-party is a potluck – any potluck contributions brought to PABS at 1 PM will be transported to the after-party. There will also be free beverages (beer and soda). The band Armchair Boogie will be playing. (They played at PABS’s store expansion celebration event in May and were awesome!) And in the midst of all the eating and drinking and dancing, celebrants can cheer those participating in the costume contest and the Pokiest Pedaler in Stevens Point tournament.

Did I say yet that the entire BAE, including the after-party, is free of charge? It is worth saying again. This entire afternoon of Bike Fun is completely free of charge. Wow.

To get an even better idea of what to expect during the BAE, read this PPSP blog post with lots of pictures from the 2014 BAE.

For more info on the BAE, including how to sign-up, either as an individual or as part of a team, visit the Bicycle Adventure Extravaganza webpage or the PABS website.

Pokiest Pedaler in Stevens Point challenge and tournament
PPSP will be stationed at one of the checkpoints to offer the Pokiest Pedaler in Stevens Point slow race challenge. Each team will choose one member to ride their bicycle across a straight 20-foot course as slowly as they can. (Individuals simply ride themselves.) The slower you go, the more points you will accumulate.

Here are the basic rules:

  • You cannot travel backwards and you may stop only momentarily (no track stands).
  • You are disqualified if you put your foot down or touch either side lane marker.

While the after-party is always a blast, this year will feature live music and the Pokiest Pedaler in Stevens Point tournament

There will be practice lanes set up for you to work on your slow race technique before attempting the challenge. The rider will be allowed two runs of the course, and the better (i.e., slower) of the two will be used for scoring.

At the after-party, the slowest riders from all the slow race challenge runs during the day will participate in the Pokiest Pedaler in Stevens Point tournament. The tournament course will be about twice as long as the challenge course. The eight slowest riders from the afternoon will participate in two heats of four, with after-party participants cheering for their favorites. The two slowest riders from each heat will move to the finals, and the slowest rider in the finals will be crowned the Pokiest Pedaler in Stevens Point.


Everyone else is going to be at the Bicycle Adventure Extravaganza on Sunday. Where will you be?

Are you the Pokiest Pedaler in Stevens Point? Sunday’s challenge and tournament will be your opportunity to put this question to rest and claim the honor of being the Pokiest Pedaler in Stevens Point.

As Bike Fun goes, the Bicycle Adventure Extravaganza will be off the charts. Last year, over 400 Adventurers participated. Wow. With numbers like that, it is obvious that PABS is the place to be Sunday at 1 PM.

While you’re out accumulating points, I look forward to seeing all Poky Pedalers at the Pokiest Pedaler in Stevens Point slow race challenge. You might even qualify for the after-party tournament and earn the title of the Pokiest Pedaler in Stevens Point. Good luck to all Poky Pedalers.

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