About the Wisconsin Bike Fed

The Wisconsin Bike Fed is our statewide bicycle advocacy organization. Although based in Madison and Milwaukee, they also have staff located in all corners of our state. These ‘ambassadors’ work with communities throughout Wisconsin with a vision of creating “one of the best places in the world to ride a bike.”

From their website, the mission of the Bike Fed is “to cultivate, motivate and unite a strong community of citizens as well as business and political leaders to move bicycling forward in Wisconsin – through education, legislation and involvement.”

The Bike Fed continually works on numerous initiatives in areas such as the following:

  • teaching children and adults about bicycle laws and safety;
  • performing outreach to all road users to increase awareness about how to operate around bicycle traffic;
  • encouraging more people to ride bicycles via fun events;
  • communicating the benefits of bicycling – environmental, social, health, and economic – to citizens and municipalities across the state;
  • building relationships with Wisconsin legislators at both the state and national levels to pass bicycle-friendly legislation which creates fair policies and equitable funding for bicycling.

You can learn more about the Wisconsin Bike Fed by visiting their website here.