Dust Off Your Bike Week

All Dust Off Your Bike Week events meet at Point Area Bicycle Service (PABS) except for Sunday’s Slide Ride.

PABS is at 1311 Strongs Ave downtown Stevens Point between Main & Clark.

DOYB Week events are all FREE.

Here’s the full schedule (more details below):

  • Sat May 10 @ 10 AM – Get That Darn Seat Adjusted Ride
  • Sun May 11 @ 2 PM – Slide Ride for Kids (meets at Pfiffner Park duck pond footbridge)
  • Mon May 12 @ 9 PM – Moonlight Ride
  • Tue May 13 @ 6 PM – Fix-a-Flat Class
  • Wed May 14 @ 5:15 PM – Poky Pizza Pedal
  • Thu May 15 @ 6 PM – Average Jane/Joe Rural Road Ride

Dust Off Your Bike Week – What’s it all about?
We like riding bikes. And we like it even more when we’re with other people who like riding bikes.

Slow, fast, young, old, newbie, pro, or anyone in-between – there are rides for everyone.

So Dust Off Your Bike and come join us.

John of Point Area Bicycle Service (PABS)
phone: 715-498-4122
e-mail: pabsPointAreaBicycleService (at) gmail (dot) com

Bob of Poky Pedaling Stevens Point
phone: 715-254-5817
e-mail: PokyPedalingStevensPoint (at) gmail (d0t) com

Read below for more detail about each DOYB event.

Get That Darn Seat Adjusted Ride
Sat May 10 @ 10 AM  Meet at PABS (1311 Strongs Ave)
John from PABS will do free tweaks to your bicycle before we ride. He’ll get your tires pumped up, chain lubed, brakes adjusted, and seat repositioned…all for free. (Minor adjustments only.) Then we’ll go for a slow 5-mile urban ride with stops to make any necessary readjustments. (By the way, we’ll ride by the Cultural Festival at SPASH for those who want to leave the ride there.) We’ll stay on calm streets and non-motorized paths on this loop ride that will return to PABS.

Slide Ride for Kids
Sun May 11 @ 2 PM
Meet in Pfiffner Park near the duck pond footbridge
Kids and their parents will ride a 4-mile loop visiting several playground areas. Kids can decide which is the best slide in Stevens Point. Parents can compare notes with other parents about kid-carrying tips. Could there be a better way to spend Mother’s Day than riding bikes with your kids? Most of the ride will be on non-motorized paths and sidewalks. The middle part of the ride will be on calm neighborhood streets (such as Frederick). You are welcome to come for part of the ride and turn back at any time.

Moonlight Ride
Mon May 12 @ 9 PM  Meet at PABS (1311 Strongs Ave)
This nighttime ride will accommodate moderate to fast paces with a figure-8 route giving loop options of approximately 13 and 25 miles. The moon will be close to full and high in the sky as we bike on rural paved roads. Be sure to have a front light and a rear light or reflector for this magical ride.

Fix-a-Flat Class
Tue May 13 @ 6 PM  Meet at PABS (1311 Strongs Ave)
Come learn how to fix a flat tire at this free class. John from PABS will have old tubes, tires, and wheels to play with. Get hands-on training on how to get the tire off the wheel, find the leak, patch the tube, and get the tube and tire back on the wheel. For those interested, he’ll also cover other basic maintenance like adjusting brakes, lubing your chain, etc.

Poky Pizza Pedal
Wed May 14 @ 5:15 PM  Meet at PABS (1311 Strongs Ave)
Poky Pedaling Stevens Point kicks off the 2014 Bike Fun Calendar with this new monthly ride. As we all get assembled, John from PABS will be happy to pump your tires up. Once we’re all ready, we’ll head off on a slow 4-mile urban loop ride on calm streets and non-motorized paths. We’ll end at a downtown pizza place where we can enjoy food, beverage, and socializing. Click here for more info about this monthly Bike Fun event with PPSP.

Average Jane/Joe Rural Road Ride
Thu May 15 @ 6 PM  Meet at PABS (1311 Strongs Ave)
We’ll ride the pleasant Casimir Road loop on this 12 MPH moderate paced social ride. Total mileage will be around 13-15 miles with a rest/water/snack stop or two. We plan to be back at PABS before sunset. If you’ve never ridden this route before, you’re in for a real treat.

Final note about DOYB Week rides vs. Poky Pedals
Poky Pedalers accustomed to sharing Bike Fun with Poky Pedaling Stevens Point should find several suitable rides during Dust Off Your Bike Week. Please note that DOYB Week rides (other than the Poky Pizza Pedal) are not Poky Pedals and may be organized differently than Poky Pedals with PPSP. Bike Fun comes in many forms, and Poky Pedalers are encouraged to share Bike Fun regardless of who creates it.