May 2013 Common Council – Introduction to Poky Pedaling Stevens Point

My name is Bob Fisch, and I am here to introduce you to Poky Pedaling Stevens Point.

I created Poky Pedaling Stevens Point to build community within our urban area and to encourage more Poky Pedalers to ride bicycles by creating Bike Fun.

Who are Poky Pedalers? They are ordinary people on ordinary bikes wearing ordinary clothes going to ordinary places.

What is Bike Fun? Think of it as slow themed urban bicycling. Each ride is about 10 miles, we go about 6 miles an hour, we stick to calm streets, and I emphasize following traffic laws and riding safely. Bike Fun is about visiting destinations based on the theme, and a bicycle is simply the most appropriate vehicle for this.

Some themes are historical, such as the upcoming Influential Citizen ride when we’ll visit 10 locations named after prominent Stevens Point residents.

Some themes are cultural, such as last year’s Tiny Museum Ride when we visited the Historic Fire Station on Strongs, the Sculpture Park, and more.

Some themes are whimisical, some themes showcase our urban scenery, and some themes are just fun such as the monthly Poky Pedaling Potluck Picnic.

Last year was the first year for Poky Pedaling Stevens Point. There were 9 Poky Pedals averaging 12 women and men spanning ages from under 10 to over 80. The majority were between 45 and 65.

This year has 10 Poky Pedals. Tomorrow evening is the first Poky Pedaling Potluck Picnic, and this Saturday afternoon is the Streetside Abstract Sculpture Ride. Bike Fun will continue into the fall culminating with the Maple Ride.

Success in encouraging more citizens to ride bicycles depends on the quality of our bicycling infrastructure. Poky Pedalers need safe, comfortable and convenient routes to use bicycles for transportation, whether that is for getting to work, for riding to the park, for picking up a few things at the grocery, or for bicycling with their families to the movies.

As Common Council members, you are responsible for approving plans, projects, and ordinances that affect the bicycling environment of our city. For this reason, I feel it’s important for you to be aware of the transportation challenges of Poky Pedalers, who comprise the vast majority of people who bicycle yet who rarely get attention when bicycling is discussed.

I plan to come to you here every 3 months or so to keep you in the loop on bicycle activity in our city and on projects providing opportunities to increase that activity. I also want to make you aware of the health, social, and economic benefits of making Stevens Point a better place for bicycling.

In closing, I invite you to visit my website, Not only can you find the Bike Fun Calendar there, but I encourage you to read my blog for both information and inspiration about current conditions and future potential for bicycling in Stevens Point.

Thank you for listening.