May 2016 Common Council – Invitation to Shop & Donate by Bike

My name is Bob Fisch, and I am the Chief Bike Fun Officer of Poky Pedaling Stevens Point.

Poky Pedaling Stevens Point is about to kick off its fifth year of Bike Fun. What is Bike Fun? It is best described as themed community building events involving urban transportation bicycling. Themes highlight the historical, scenic, cultural, and whimsical aspects of our urban landscape.

Over the past 4 years, Poky Pedalers from literally 8- to 80-years-old have shared Bike Fun on 47 Poky Pedals. Seven more are scheduled for this year.

Who are Poky Pedalers? We are ordinary people in ordinary clothes riding ordinary bicycles going to ordinary places. The vast majority of people who ride bicycles are Poky Pedalers.

Why do I create all this Bike Fun? Let me clarify that I realize no financial benefit from these efforts. Poky Pedals are all free, and I generate no revenue through my website. I have no financial stake in any bicycle-oriented business.

I simply believe that encouraging more people to ride bicycles more often creates a better city. This is my motivation.

I want to finish by telling you about the kickoff for 2016, called Shop & Donate by Bike. This my first charity-themed Poky Pedal. Shop & Donate by Bike will benefit CAP Services Family Crisis Center, a vital local resource for domestic abuse survivors and their children in our community.

During Shop & Donate by Bike, a 10-mile loop bicycle ride will visit three shops. Shopping teams formed at the start will be given lists of items to purchase at each shop. The accumulated purchases will be carried using a 5’-long flatbed bicycle trailer to the final destination at CAP Services, where everything purchased will be donated.

Shop & Donate by Bike will meet on Saturday May 21 at 12:45 PM in Bukolt Park. We should arrive at CAP Services at around 3:30 PM, and once our unloading and donating activity is complete we should return to Bukolt Park at around 4 PM.

I invite all our elected officials and city staff to participate on Shop & Donate by Bike. Other than the request to spend $15 on donation items during the ride, Shop & Donate by Bike is free of charge and all are welcome.

As a participation incentive, for each donating Poky Pedaler on Shop & Donate by Bike, I will make an additional $1 cash donation to CAP Services Family Crisis Center, up to $100.

For more on what to expect during this charity-themed Bike Fun, as well as to examine the 2016 Bike Fun Calendar, visit my website at

While you are there, you can find transcripts of these and all my past comments to Common Council under the Speak Your Poky menu to read at your leisure.

Thank you for listening.