Speak Your Poky: What does that mean?

Poky Pedaling Stevens Point is all about Bike Fun. For Bike Fun to flourish, Poky Pedalers need safe, comfortable, and convenient places to ride bicycles.

Although the Stevens Point area has lots of great streets suitable for Poky Pedalers, there are still many critical locations where bicycle infrastructure is either non-existent or woefully inadequate.

The best way to realize quality improvements is to Speak Your Poky: show up to public meetings, send your opinions to project staff and government leaders, and encourage your friends to do the same. Poky Pedalers are the vast majority of people who bicycle at least once in a while. Speaking Your Poky is the best way to remind decision makers that 8- to 80-year-olds are the audience when designing urban bicycle infrastructure.

To help you Speak Your Poky, I’ll use this menu to highlight projects and meetings where bicycle infrastructure is being considered. Poky Pedalers are encouraged to express their visions on what our urban area needs to create truly safe, comfortable, and convenient places to ride bicycles.

You can either select a project of interest from the Speak Your Poky menu, or you can click on a link below: