TGIF Dessert Rides

Celebrate the end of the workweek with family-friendly Bike Fun to tickle the sweet tooth of every Poky Pedaler.

TGIF Dessert Rides meet at the Stevens Point downtown square, more formally known as the Mathias Mitchell Public Square. (If an event prevents us from meeting on the square, look for us one block north in the MSTC parking lot.) Plan to be there around 7 PM so you don’t miss the start of the ride at 7:15 PM.

Our route will be the same on each TGIF Dessert Ride. We’ll first head over to the non-motorized path in Pfiffner Park, getting there via Crosby Ave using the traffic signal to safely get across First St. The lovely path along the Wisconsin River will take us up to Bukolt Park, where we’ll loop around the pond and head back along the same path that got us there. The full route is less than 3 miles.

During those times of the season when our local waterfowl tend to make a mess of the Pfiffner Park path, an alternate “Goose Poop” detour on Crosby and Franklin will be used.

Our final destination will be a dessert stop close to our starting point. Poky Pedalers will be able to purchase a scrumptious dessert to cap off an exquisite evening of Bike Fun. The dessert stop destination will be made known at the start before we begin to ride.

TGIF Dessert Rides will operate a bit less formally than other Poky Pedals. I won’t give the usual set of pre-ride announcements during these rides, even though Poky Pedalers are still expected to ride safely and courteously and follow all traffic laws.

Our short, calm route will encourage the slow pace for which Poky Pedals are known. Poky Pedalers might want to linger at spots to take in a beautiful sunset and otherwise picturesque scenery. Such activity is encouraged, meaning that we might not stay together in one group throughout the TGIF Dessert Ride. Instead, we’ll simply plan to gather again at our final dessert stop.

Route maps will be handed out to ensure that those unfamiliar with the area will be able to navigate on their own.

TGIF Dessert Rides in the earlier part of the season should end well before dark. But as the months pass, the sun will set earlier. A September TGIF Dessert Ride will certainly encounter darkness. Poky Pedalers are encouraged to equip their bicycles with a front light and rear reflector or light to ensure a safe and legal ride in low-light conditions.

All TGIF Dessert Rides are free, as are all Poky Pedals. (If you intend to purchase dessert, bring cash for that.) All Poky Pedalers are welcome.

Bike Fun is an excellent way to kick off a weekend. A sunset meander through our magnificent riverside parks enriches the experience. And relishing dessert in the company of Poky Pedalers makes for a marvelous finale.

I look forward to sharing Bike Fun with all Poky Pedalers on TGIF Dessert Rides.