Who is a Poky Pedaler?

A Poky Pedaler is someone who enjoys Bike Fun while riding safely and legally.  A Poky Pedaler places no value on pedaling fast or pedaling far – these are not measures of how much Bike Fun was shared.

Poky Pedalers ride bicycles, tricycles, uprights, recumbents, road bikes, mountain bikes, Dutch bikes, cargo bikes, tallbikes, folding bikes, new bikes, old bikes.  Poky Pedalers pull trailers, attach tag-alongs, and teach their kids to be Poky Pedalers.  Poky Pedalers can be seen pedaling to work, pedaling to the park, pedaling with groceries, pedaling to the movies, pedaling to the hardware store, and pedaling to visit friends and family.

Any pedaler can be a Poky Pedaler – gal or guy, 20-something or 50-something or 80-something, plump or petite, rookie or veteran.  Even Tour de France racers and double-century riders can be Poky Pedalers in their spare time.  After all, everyone deserves Bike Fun.